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The Komen Mission:
To eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening, and treatment.


The Orange County Breast Health Resource Guide is a comprehensive guide to help you find important information concerning breast cancer educational, screening, diagnostic, treatment and support services. The guide is divided into three main sections: BREAST HEALTH, BREAST PROBLEMS and BREAST CANCER. It is also provides a listing of Orange County breast health-care resources.

The BREAST HEALTH RESOURCE GUIDE has been developed by the ORANGE COUNTY BREAST CANCER COALITION. The Coalition's mission is to provide a collaborative environment to identify and address breast health needs in Orange County.

The information contained within this guide is not a substitue for personal, medical or psychological advice. Readers are urged to consult their health-care advisors about specific questions or problems.


The Orange County Breast Cancer Coalition wishes to express their sincere appreciation to its members, both individual and organizations, who helped make the Orange County Resourse Guide possible.