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The Komen Mission:
To eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening, and treatment.

Breast Cancer



Lymphedema of the arm is a complication of breast surgery that may occur in patients following removal of lymph nodes. The sentinel node procedure reduces the possibility of Lymphedema developing. Radiation therapy may also contribute to the onset of Lymphedema. Swelling in the affected arm or hand is usually the first symptom a woman will notice. Occasionally, the onset will be associated with an infection, producing a swollen, red hot, painful arm. Lymphedema may occur in the immediate postoperative period or months to even years later. It is recommended that women do not have blood draws or blood pressure taken on the treatment side. Inform your doctor immediately about any changes in the appearance of your hand or arm.

Lymphedema Treatment Centers
Prescription from your doctor and approval from insurance are required for payment for treatment. Information is free on prevention, education, support groups, and workshops.

• Hoag Hospital Rehabilitation Services for Comprehensive Treatment for Lymphedema, Cancer Center Auditorium
• Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Lymphedema Program
• Saddleback Memorial Rehabilitation Services for Comprehensive Treatment for Lymphedema
• St. Joseph Hospital Comprehensive Lymphedema Treatment Center

There may be more than are listed here: check with your doctor and local hospital.