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The Komen Mission:
To eradicate breast cancer as a
life-threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening, and treatment.


New 2005 Community Grant Application Schedule!

2005 Request for Proposal (RFP):
Click here to download the RFP in Word (Recommended) (Page 6 revised 5/12/04)
Click here to download the RFP in PDF (Page 6 revised 5/12/04)

Funding Period: January 1, 2005 - December 31, 2005

Application Deadline: Friday, 6/11/04

Statement of Need

The 2004 Community Profile, prepared by the Orange County Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, has identified the following gaps as significant and will receive priority if addressed in a project:

  1. Services for Those Just Above the 200% Federal Poverty Level
    This population is slipping through the health care system cracks and not receiving appropriate, adequate breast health/cancer services.
  2. Services for Women under Age 40
    is a huge burden on Orange County community clinics to care for women under age 40.
  3. Educational Materials: Comprehensive Resource, Low-Literacy, Culturally-Sensitive, and Translated into Other Languages
    Fulfilling this gap will increase the availability of culturally sensitive, appropriate educational materials that will improve outreach to underserved ethnic communities. Projects must show that literature translation will be non-duplicative.
  4. Education and Outreach: Young Women
    More prevention education that targets young women is needed.
  5. Education and Outreach: Underserved Ethnic Communities (Asian and Pacific Islander, African American, Latina, etc.)
    More culturally sensitive outreach needs to be researched, planned, and implemented to increase awareness and positive breast health behavior change.
  6. Medical Professional Networking
    Enhanced collaboration and partnership among medical professionals will help improve the accessibility, outcome, and effectiveness of Orange County’s breast health system through this top-down approach.
  7. Clinical Trials Awareness and Education
    Increased awareness and education about clinical trials and their benefits can help advance cancer research and provide better patient care.

2004 Community Grants Awarded
The Orange County Affiliate is proud to provide over $650,000 in grants for the year 2004. This is attributed to the success of the Race for the Cure®, where 75% of the funds raised are directed back into local organizations within Orange County to help support the Komen mission.

Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center- this program will raise breast health awareness, promote breast cancer screening and provides breast cancer patient services for underserved Chinese American women. 714-560-8877

Breast Cancer Survivors- provides financial assistance to breast cancer patients to cover their essential living expenses when they are unable to work due to surgeries and breast cancer treatments. 949-421-1206

Casa de Salud Family Health Clinic- provides a breast health education, outreach and screening program to underserved women in Orange County. 714-571-3956

Community Care Health Centers (Huntington Beach Community Clinic)- provides a breast cancer detection program for low-income women in Orange County through screening, education, service linkages and aggressive case management. 714-842-2829

Healing Odyssey- provides a weekend retreat and follow-up support program designed to give women survivors tools to enable them to deal effectively with the challenges in their life after a breast cancer diagnosis. 949-951-3930

Kids Konnected- provides Karen's Kids, a specialized support service of Kids Konnected, which is dedicated to assisting children of all ages, whose parent has died from cancer, through grieving issues. 949-582-5443

Laguna Beach Community Clinic- provides breast health screening, education, and case management for underserved women in South Orange County. 949-494-0761

Latino Health Access- provides breast health education and information about free and low-cost breast health, screening, diagnostic, and treatment service options available for uninsured Latino women in Santa Ana. 714-542-7792

Little Tokyo Service Center- provides outreach and education regarding breast helth and the importance of early detection to Japanese women. 213-473-1602

Orange County Health Needs Assessment- performs a survey of Orange County's health needs in order to facilitate the coordination and collaboration of public and private sector policy development, and support the implementation and resource allocation decisions made to improve the health of all Orange County residents. 714-547-3631

Orange County Korean American Health Information and Education Center- provides a breast cancer outreach and education program in the Korean Community of Orange County. 714-741-0050

STOP-GAP- provides presentations of EVERY PART OF ME and Big C/Little See. These plays creatively involve women in examining and understanding breast cancer, breast cancer risks, and the benefits of early detection. 714-979-7061

Team Survivor Orange Countyoffers free exercise, health education and support programs for women in Orange County with a past or present diagnosis of cancer. 949-275-3888

The GREEN Foundation – provides printed information and oral presentations to at-risk African-American women ages 30 and older regarding detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. 714-257-0530

Vietnamese American Cancer Foundationprovides breast cancer education and outreach to low-income Vietnamese women. 714-751-5805

Western Law Center for Disability Rights/Cancer Legal Resource Center- provides education and training seminars on cancer-related legal issues for cancer patients, survivors, and health care professionals. 213-736-1455

YWCA ENCOREplus- provides a mobile mammography screening program and breast health education for woment over 40 throughout Orange County. 714-871-4488

Community Breast Health Professionals and
Advocates Address Community Needs.

Every two to three years, Komen Affiliates across the country create a community profile for their service area. The profile helps the Affiliates determine what breast health programs are needed in their community. It is also used as an aid to determine which breast health and breast cancer programs should be funded through our community grant programs. The community profile helps us ensure that the money raised each year serves the community and meets our mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening and treatment.

In 2002 as part of our community profile, the Orange County Affiliate held two meetings to discuss breast health needs in Orange County. Breast health professionals and advocates from various organizations throughout Orange County attended these meetings. By gathering these individuals together we were able to talk about the needs and issues in the community in regards to breast health and breast cancer. We learned that although great strides have been made in the community there is still work to be done; there is a need for more accessibility to care, more education on the importance of early detection, more translated and culturally sensitive materials and better follow-up care. We also learned that good things are happening in the community, more underserved and uninsured populations are being reached and more women are seeking medical attention and taking charge of their own health.

Every year thousands of Orange County residents raise money through the Komen Race for the Cure® and other avenues for the fight against breast cancer. Seventy five percent of that money stays in Orange County to fund breast health programs and to assist those in need. By facilitating these meetings we are able to verify that we are meeting our mission, serving the community and bringing other breast health organizations together so we can work together in the fight against breast cancer.